Listening In
StartSebastian Strahan
EndUpon achieving the goal
Mission ItemsCommunication Log
Rewards500 Experience
ChainPicking Up Pieces
The Next Piece
The Last Piece
Back to Strahan
The Clean-Up Crew
Looking for Results
Improving the Odds
Another Fine Mess
Listening In
Those in Power
Back with the Evidence
Process of Elimination
Someone Your Own Size
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaWhite Crow Outpost (Deadfall)
Requirement(s)Level 48


Listening In
Mission-Communication Log acquired

Sebastian Strahan in the camp near the Redstone outpost in Deadfall wants you to infiltrate the camp, find the communications center, and acquire communication logs to determine who might be responsible for the leak.
500 Experience


I can't work under conditions like this. The Redstone guys obviously know what we're doing. I thought my colleagues were on the up and up, but maybe some of them aren't. These Techs agreed to help fund my team's work here in exchange for regular reports of our activities. I need you to infiltrate the Redstone outpost, find the communications center, and get your hands on any archived logs that might contain evidence of the leak.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Listening In
You've acquired the communication log from the archives in the Redstone outpost. The data makes mention of Techs that have been pretending to assist Sebastian Strahan. However, something else might be of interest here.
500 Experience


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