Little Engine That Could
Start Garret Copeland
EndUse Smelter
TypeATV Mission
Mission ItemsSmelter Dealter
Rewards500 Experience
1x Plasmid Piston
ChainBuilding Your ATV (Level 5+)
Under Control
Missing Controls
Flight Deck to Control Tower
Controlled Kill
In Control
On the Road Again
Rollin' On
Don't Tread on Me
Burning Rubber
Rubber to the Road
Going Places I've Never Been
Frame and Fortune
Frames for Murder
Frame of Reference
Into Overdrive
Little Engine That Could
Revved Up
Shifting Into High Gear
Know Your Mechanic
Know Your Machine
Quad Knowledge
Apprehension System
End of the Road
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaNeedle Eye
Requirement(s)Level 5


Little Engine That Could
Mission-Use the Smelter on the Generator

Garret Copeland wants you to retrieve a mechanical part from a working generator in the Kingman warehouse district. You'll need to reach in and use the Smelter in your pack to free the part. There's a risk you'll be mangled in the process, but hey, you're a clone, right?
500 Experience
Items you will receive:
1x Plasmid Piston



I could give you a blueprint to an ATV Engine, but why the hell should I? I don't care about some poor chick in Old Kingman who told you to come up here and nag the hell outta me. I've got a decent shop going on, so if you ain't speaking in the language of chips, I ain't listening.
Mission-I'm a clone. I can come back to life. That doesn't give you any ideas, at all?
MissionXWhatever, dude. I don't need to take this from someone like you.

You drive a hard bargain. As it turns out, there are some rather amusing things I could think of to do with you.
MissionVI'm willing to do anything.
MissionXNo way.


Little Engine That Could
That bastard knew this would happen, didn't he?
500 Experience
Items you will receive:
1x Plasmid Piston


Note on Completion: The Smelter will appear in your Pack...if you right click on it, you can select a "use" option. Do this next to the generator to complete the mission. 

Once you have used the Smelter, your character will die. This is normal (working as intended) and unavoidable. This will complete the mission (you will see the green check mark in mission status), however you will not actually be able to move further in the mission chain until you open your Journal screen and click the "complete" button in the mission entry there. 
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