Looking for Results
StartSebastian Strahan
EndSebastian Strahan
Mission ItemsBiometric Scanner
Rewards500 Experience
850 Chips
ChainPicking Up Pieces
The Next Piece
The Last Piece
Back to Strahan
The Clean-Up Crew
Looking for Results
Improving the Odds
Another Fine Mess
Listening In
Those in Power
Back with the Evidence
Process of Elimination
Someone Your Own Size
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaWhite Crow Outpost (Deadfall)
Requirement(s)Level 48


Looking for Results
Mission-Upgraded Super Soldier scanned
Mission-Return for your reward

Sebastian Strahan in the camp near the Redstone outpost in Deadfall wants you to use the scanner to collect physiological data about one of the upgraded super soldiers that patrol the enemy camp. You should not enter the camp - just stay at the waypoint and watch for the super soldier to approach. Use caution!
500 Experience
850 Chips


Now for the tricky part: You're going close to that outpost, but I don't want you going too far inside just yet. Might be too dangerous. Hopefully, you can get close enough to lock on one of their upgraded super soldiers and take a reading. Be careful.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Looking for Results
Okay, this is definitely interesting. You've picked up some useful information. Now we'll capitalize on it.
500 Experience
850 Chips


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