Lost Signal
StartGeorge Stanley
EndUpon using the Radio Receiver at the first tower.
Mission ItemsRadio Receiver
Rewards500 Experience
ChainLost Signal
Mixed Signals
Danger Signal
Good Signals
Smoke Signals
Danger Signal (2)
Danger Signal (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
Requirement(s)Level 45


Lost Signal
Mission-Use the Radio Receiver

George Stanley in Pitchblende wants you to install a receiver on each of the terraforming towers.
500 Experience



Hey. Glad to see the clones moving in here. I could use a hand. I'm just in from Park City. Bunch of us engineers came up to help out with the terraforming towers. You willing to work with us?
MissionXSorry, you're on your own.

Glad to hear it. I guess you're familiar with the towers. They're working fine, but if they're going to keep working they need a certain amount of feedback from all over this area. There are still pockets of radiation around, and there are folks who'd like to see it spread. Now, way-back-when, the towers got updates from satellites, but those've been inactive for years. Probably fell into the ocean.
Mission-Okay, so how do we get them to update?
MissionXI guess. Good luck fiMissionXing them.

You know those little radiation monitors we've got out there? Those can send out a radio signal if the levels get high. We need to adapt the towers to receive the frequency. The thing is, it's dangerous down there, and my engineers aren't all fighters. Think you could manage to install these? I've made it easy. Just plug each adapter into the port at the communication station and hit this button.
Mission-I can handle that.
MissionXIf it's too dangerous for you, it's too dangerous for me.


Lost Signal
You've installed the first of the radio receivers.
500 Experience


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