Group Mission IconMalibu Dream House
StartBing Tangelo
EndBing Tangelo
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards2 AP
2000 Experience
400 Chips
1x Bing Tangelo's Map to Malibu
1x Bing Tangelo's Compass
1000x Cheap Ammunition
ChainMalibu Dream House
Malibu Dream House (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaDepot 66


1. Kill the following:

2. Return for your reward


Malibu Dream House
Bing Tangelo near Depot 66 wants you to kill an abundance of Gully Dog bandits, Judges, coyotes, and scorpions in exchange for a compass and a map that he claims will lead you to beachfront property in Malibu. Bandits are in the camp near Dundy Cavern, Judges are around the ruins and outposts around town as well as entrenched in a camp south of town, scorpions are in Dundy Cavern and around town, and the starving coyotes show up all around Depot 66.



Hey, metalneck, how'd you like to lock down a plot of oceanfront in Malibu? The view's gorgeous! Plenty of room to build your dream house. I've got a map and a compass, if you're interested. All you gotta pay me is a 20,000-chip finder's fee. You in?
Mission-I don't have that much money on hand, but I'm willing to work it out in trade.

Trade? Hey, that's good business sense right there. Tell you what: You kill a bunch of critters and other nuisances and I'll hand over a map and a compass that'll take you to an exciting destiny!
Mission-Whatever. I'm okay with clearing out vermin, no matter how many legs it has.


Malibu Dream House
Wow. You...really did it.


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