Masonic Secrets
StartJonathan Ruthven
EndDr. Abraham Van Corian
Rewards50 Experience
ChainBlood on the Hoof
Blood on the Hoof (2)
Pale Blood
Pale Blood (2)
Father Gray
All the Damn Vampires
All the Damn Vampires (2)
All the Damn Vampires (3)
Sweet and Sour Raiders
Sweet and Sour Self
Masonic Secrets
Masonic Secrets (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSunset Hill


Masonic Secrets
Mission-Return to Dr. Van Corian

Return to Dr. Van Corian in Sunset Hill with the information you have gathered from Jonathan Ruthven.
50 Experience



This ring came from a grave in the cemetery. Sunset Hill was built before the Fall as a Masonic cemetery. Inside one of the mausoleums is a staircase that leads to the catacombs where the Grand Poobahs and high muckity mucks of the Masons were buried. To get into the lower level, you have to use the hidden door triggers in the sanctums.
Mission-How do you know?
MissionXJust a second.

I... I... It's on the notes! See, see right there? I can't read all the symbols, or I'd know all the secrets, right? But I figured out this one!
Mission-I don't believe you.
Mission-Okay. I'll take it from here.
MissionXI'm not interested.

I don't care! You don't have to believe me. It's the only story you're getting from me. If I said more... it would be... bad for me.
Mission-Tell me what you know, or I'll take my blood back plus interest.
Mission-Fine. I'll figure out the rest on my own.
MissionXJust a second.

Don't hurt me! The leaders of the Pale Ones in this area are Father Gray and Mother Larissa. Gray handles most of the day-to-day tasks, but Larissa is more revered by the cultists. She rarely leaves the inner sanctum.
Mission-That's better. Now I know what to expect.
MissionXI'm not interested.


Did you speak with Johnathan Ruthven?
MissionVHe knew a lot about the pale ones and their sanctuary.
MissionXNot yet. I'll be back.

Masonic Secrets
I knew there was something a bit off about Jonathan.
50 Experience


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