Meat Market
StartDr. Cremaster
EndDr. Cremaster
Mission ItemsOrgans for Dr. Cremaster
Rewards500 Experience
45 Chips
5x Ragged Bandage
1x Scrap Wood
1x Weak Antiseptic
Medicine Kit 1 Knowledge
ChainMeat Market
Just Say Yes
Just Say Yes, part 2
Just Say Yes, part 3
Time LimitUnlimited


Meat Market
Mission-Acquire 5 Organs for Dr. Cremaster
Mission-Return for your reward

Gather 5 organ samples from Blade Dancers near Midway so that Dr. Cremaster may continue his medical research.



Well, hello there! Aren't you an excellent specimen! I am very curious about your the cloning cycle exactly affects RDNA recombination, as well as how enzymes and proteins reconstitute, requires much more study on my part. But I suppose I am far too curious.
Mission-Why do you say that?
MissionXJust keep your distance, you freak.

Well, let's just say my thirst for knowledge got me thrown out of the FARM. Those uptight, anal-retentive Clintons don't know good medical science when they see it.
Mission-I see. Do you think you could teach me anything about medicine?

Of course, of course! Do you know how to make a healing kit? No? Well that's the first lesson then! I will get what we need, but in the meantime, could you handle a "delicate" job?
Mission-Sure, what is it?
MissionXMaybe later.

Nothing too physically demanding, or at least not on you. I need, er, some 'samples' for some research I'm doing. You're not squeamish, are you? After all, every good doctor must be familiar with gross anatomy to really understand the human body!
Mission-I guess so. Where do I get the samples you're looking for?

I'm sure you come across samples even while walking down the street, but let's be civic-minded. We can advance medical science and town security at the same time. I'm sure the local Blade Dancers would have suitable organs for my studies.


Find what we were looking for yet?
MissionVThat is correct. Have I made myself clear?
MissionXFind what we were looking for yet?


Meat Market
Marvelous, just marvelous! While I examine these wonderful specimens, you can put together your kit. Here's everything you need to get started.


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