Midway Dilemma (Keller)
StartPala Gears
EndThomas Keller
Rewards100 Experience
1x Dye Formula
1x Shirts 1 Instructions
ChainMidway Dilemma (Keller)
Midway's New Masters
Midway's New Masters (2)
Off the Streets
Antiseptic, Anesthetic
First Aid or Torture? (Keller)
That Burning Sensation (Keller)
Mother Board's Documentation
Five-Fingered Land Deals
Midway to Victory
Quick and Dirty
Time LimitUnlimited
Requirement(s)Level 2


Midway Dilemma
Mission-Talk to Thomas Keller in Midway.

100 Experience
Items you will receive:
1x Dye Formula
1x Shirts 1 Instructions



Welcome, friend. Is this the first time you've been cloned in LifeNet?
Mission-No, I was cloned once before, at Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam? Really? Huh. That LifeNet station has been offline for four years, so I'm guessing you've been in the system for a good long while now. It's now 2156, and a lot of things have changed.
Mission-What can you tell me?

The CHOTA sacked the Dam and left almost nothing behind. They hanged Alec Masters, so at least there's some justice in the world. The Techs have formally allied with the Enforcers, and the six factions have been fighting constantly. Not that there's a lot left to fight over, if you ask me.
Mission-Where am I now?

Outside that door, you'll find the town of Midway. The CHOTA - excuse me, the Children of the Apocalypse - are nominally in charge here, but they leave day-to-day stuff up to their allies the Travelers. Before the Fall, Midway was a pretty rich neighborhood, but there are only a few intact buildings now.
Mission-I don't have money or supplies. Where do I start?

Midway is a dangerous place, but I'm sure you could make money here. There are these two families, the Burnses and the Kellers. Stephen Burns used to be in charge here, but the Kellers came in and forced him out. Now his daughter Reis and his nephew Nicky are back to start the fight up again.
Mission-So...who should I support?

Well, I wouldn't share this opinion around too much, but I'd say that one is just as bad as the other. But you've got to start somewhere, I guess. They're both Travelers, and in case you don't know, that means "criminal dressed up as businessman." The best I can say of them is that if you're willing to do what they want, they'll pay you well and protect you.
Mission!Okay, well, I guess I'll go talk to the Kellers. (This option is for this mission.)
Mission!I'll see what the Burnses have to offer. (This option is for the alternative Midway Dilemma mission to support the Burns'.)
MissionXI'm not interested in a life of crime, thanks.


I'm Thomas Keller. You wanted to talk to me?
MissionVThat is correct. Have I made myself clear?
MissionXMaybe later.

Midway Dilemma
Welcome to Midway. if you're looking to make some money, you've come to the right place, friend. We don't mind that you're a clone. That just makes you more reliable, as far as I'm concerned.
100 Experience
Items you will receive:
1x Dye Formula
1x Shirts 1 Instructions


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