Minimal Protection
StartMatthew Barker
EndMatthew Barker
Rewards500 Experience
30 Chips
Choose one:
1x Hats 2 Instructions
1x Shoes 2 Instructions
1x Jackets 2 Instructions
ChainMinimal Protection
Minimal Protection (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads
Requirement(s)Level 3


1. Obtain 16 Ragged Cotton

2. Return for your reward


Matthew Barker in Embry Crossroads wants you to bring him some Ragged Cotton.


Matthew Barker:

So I'm trying to run an outfitter shop here, and someone comes along and kills my damn tailor. He owed some guy named Ricky some money, and was always hounding me to buy stuff off him. I almost wish I did because now I'm short. Anyway, I'm lookin' to train up someone to make hats, jackets, or shoes, but I need cotton if they're going to really be able to learn anything. Got any that you can sell me?


Good stuff. Good stuff. Now, do you mind making some of the stuff for me? You can have one of these books. Your pick.

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