StartWounded Enforcer
EndUpon arriving the Human League camp site.
Rewards350 Experience
Funny Games
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
Requirement(s)Level 35
Mission-Find the Enforcer's Gear

The Wounded Enforcer wants you to find his gear in the Barn outside of Papermill.


Hey, I need you to listen closely. I was part of a recon team sent to gather intel on the loca CHOTA. We got ambushed by some of those Human League yahoosnot far from here. Most of my team was killed, but Collins and I were captured. We were dragged to a barn about a click-and-half from here.
MissionXHang, I'll be right back.
Mission-What happened next?

Man, I've never seen anything like that place. They were stripping people up left and right. They hanged Collins. I slipped my bonds and got all the way over here. Too bad, too. I think the "good" Pastor is deliberately keeping me weak. She gives me drugs for the pain, but they knock me out. When I come to, I have a strange feeling that I have been poked and prodded. I don't know, maybe they're trying to interrogate me. Plus, I've overheard people talk about the "Barn." Get my radio from the gear i left behind in the Barn during my escape. Bring it here, and I can call HQ for a evac. I'm not sure how much time I have before they decide to take me back to the Barn.
Mission-Can't i just help you get out?
Mission-Hang on, soldier.

If the whole town is in with those Leaguers, we'd get dog-piled and never make it. Not to mention the Vistas and CHOTA. Maybe I can get a whole company of Enforcers down here to blast me out of this hell-hole. Just get me that radio.

There is no gear in here, but the Human Leaguers have spotted you. Defend yourself!

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