More Trouble than it's Worth
StartRonnie Jensen
EndDimitri Ballard
Rewards500 Experience
450 Chips
ChainTrouble at Home
More Trouble than it's Worth
Peaceful Resolution
Bearer of Bad News
Protecting the Protectors
Protecting the Protectors (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest


1. Find Dimitri Ballard

2. Defeat the attackers (Single wave of two Raiders)


More Trouble than it's Worth
Ronnie Jensen wants you to find Dimitri Ballard.



I hope my mother didn't fill your head with all this nonsense about me pushing the workers too hard, or cutting down too much of the forest, or any of the nonsense she's usually spouting. I have to work hard here 'cause of those damn Vistas. Every time they blow something up or spike the trees all they're doing is putting good, hard-working people out of a job.
Mission-Don't they kinda have a point though? I mean, without the trees, most to the things you use for food would probably die out, and you'd run out of materials to make paper.

Come on, they're terrorists. I'm not going to bow to that! They make a lot of noise about being under attack and all, but they're jsut as bad as the League! If you can get them to see reason, I'll take a look at my operation here, maybe start listening to Brianna. Their whackjob leader is Dimitri Ballard.
MissionVI'll see what I can do.


More Trouble than it's Worth
I don't know who sent you, but it's damn lucky you showed up when you did.


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