No Operator Left Behind
StartAmilie Farrant
EndUpon reaching the waypoint
Rewards1000 Experience
+1500 Traveler Faction
ChainWeed Whackers
Nice Day for a Hike
Ambushes for Ambusher
No Operator Left Behind
Just Another Day
Time Limit3m 55s
SectorAlpha County
AreaAlpha Zone
No Operator Left Behind
Mission-Find Poole
Mission-Escort Poole to Redemption

Escort one of the lookouts, Poole, back to Redemption so he can report to his boss.


I wonder what those pyromaniacs were doing this far out. Their base, Scorcher, is east -- past Shackleton, and I gotta admit, I've never seen Vista with such a hate-on for the local wildlife. Even the monstrous kind we've got around here. Regardless, it's about time you hightailed it back, and I need to send someone down to report in. Would you take Poole and see that he gets in okay? Don't worry about the rest of us, I'm sure they'll be sending someone to relieve us soon...
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.

No Operator Left Behind
Holy crap, I'm out of breath. Hey' you should speak with Jorge Musechamp, too. He'll wanna get a second run down of events.
1000 Experience
+1500 Traveler Reputation

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