No Place Like Home
StartDane Rawson
EndDane Rawson
Rewards500 Experience
100 Chips
ChainNo Place Like Home
Final Solution
Things Bugs Hate
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaRawson Farm


1. Kill 10 Scorpions

2. Return for your reward


Dane Rawson wants you to kill a number of scorpions around his home northeast of Mowbray.


Dane Rawson:

Wow, I never thought we'd get too many visitors out here. You hiding out from the Judges too? We were living in Pinkston before they struck. Tonya and I were barely able to get out when the Recruiter showed up. Scary guy. Anyway, as if those Judges weren't bad enough, right after we found this place the scorpions moved in. Guess they smelled fresh meat. We'd like to keep living out here, so if you could take care of some of those scorpions for me I'd appreciate it.


Thanks, that'll make hiding out here a whole lot easier.

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