No Training Necessary
StartPenelope Fellows
EndAlfred Johnson
Mission ItemsAlfred's Injector
Rewards50 Experience
ChainWelcome to the Neighborhood
Not Our Kind of People
Social Climbing for Beginners
Scheduled Deliveries
Scheduled Deliveries
No Training Necessary
Can You Say Malpractice?
Unfortunate Side Effects
Someone to Blame
Not so Subtle Hint
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSunshine Corners


Use Injection


Penelope Fellows in Sunshine Corners wants you to inject Alfred Johnson with his medicine.


You've done so much to help us, I hate to ask you for anything else, but it's something of an emergency. I have a patient who came to us in such bad condition, he can't even take his pills. He needs his medicine injected. You've done such a good job here, I know I can trust you.
MissionVTell me more.


The medicine you gave Alfred killed him.

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