Northfields Mutagenics Set
StartArchivist Maddy Benson
EndArchivist Maddy Benson
Mission ItemsNorthfields Mutagenics Set
RewardsChoose one:
3x Impure Biologic Chemical
2x Impure Healing Accelerant
1x Salvaged Steel
ChainNorthfields Mutagenics Set
Northfields Mutagenics Set (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaNew Flagstaff
I hope you have some nice books for me. The last collector I dealt with was a complete cretin. He had doodled dirty pictures all over the Sets! I want Geology, Mutagenics, and Science Sets - without any foul illustrations, if you please.
Mission-I have a Mutagenics Set.
MissionXI'll talk to Quinton.

Excellent! Let me mark it the catalog, and I'll get you a reward.
MissionXActually, I'll keep this Set.

Northfields Mutagenics Set
Mission-0/1 Northfields Mutagenics Set

Give Maddy Benson the Northfields Mutagenics Set.



Your Set is pristine. No dog ears, no highlighting, and most importantly... no obscene doodles!

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