Not Exactly Sterile
StartBrother Eric Kelly
EndBrother Eric Kelly
Rewards500 Experience
1x Medicine Kit
1x Pathology 1 Instructions
3x Weak Antiseptic
ChainNot Exactly Sterile
Not Exactly Sterile (2)
Not Exactly Sterile (3)
Not Exactly Sterile (4)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaNorth Burb
Requirement(s)Level 2


1. Acquire 10 Tainted Water

2. Return for your reward


Not Exactly Sterile
Brother Eric Kelly in North Burb wants you to find him some Tainted Water, which you can scavenge from the old water company using the Scavenge skill, harvest from water cactus that grows in the areas using the Nature skill, or purchase from a merchant.



This plgue -- yes, I called it a plague -- is getting out of control. It's draining our resources, both physical and personal. I spend days here in the lab, often without sleep. how am I supposed to attend to ALL the aspects of my job? I've got skin and blood samples to test that needed to be done yesterday, and meanwhile our supply of medical treatments and bandages continues to dwindle. I'm in charge of getting my own supplies, but I can't exactly walk out to the market to get any.
Mission-How can I help?

Really? You'd help me out? That would be great. Now, let's see. Something simple. Oh! I need to make some disease treatments, but unfortunately our supply of good water is pretty low. The best place to get it, besides opening up a plant, are the old, sealed containers that you can find among the rubble in town. I know... it's probably a hundred years old and pretty nasty, but I can boil the impurities away in the crafting process.
MissionVI'm on it.


You have enough water?

Not Exactly Sterile
On second thought, I don't really have time to make it. Here, take this book, some of that water back, and this antiseptic. I'm going to need a little more help.


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