Not Our Kind of People
StartIan Neddles
EndIan Neddles
Rewards500 Experience
200 Chips
ChainWelcome to the Neighborhood
Not Our Kind of People
Social Climbing for Beginners
Scheduled Deliveries
Scheduled Deliveries
No Training Necessary
Can You Say Malpractice?
Unfortunate Side Effects
Someone to Blame
Not so Subtle Hint
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSunshine Corners


1. Kill 10 Devil's Own Vandals

2. Return for your reward


Ian Neddles in Sunshine Corners want you to clear the Devil's Own Vandals from the camp outside of town.


While you were gathering the concrete, I heard that one of the Union guards spotted a Devil's Own camp filled with vandals outside the wall. We're not fighters here, but if you could take care of this little problem, the Union could work on the more important town matters. They do so much for us. It would be so great to help them out once in a while.
MissionV.pngTell me more.


The Union guards were really worried about you going out there. I bet they'll be happy you made it back safe.


  • The Devil's Own Vandals are aggro, level 16 and 17, who use ranged weapons.
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