Not so Subtle Hint
StartThe Doctor
EndThe Doctor
Rewards2 AP
500 Experience
75 Chips
3x Sunshine Corners Medication
Sunshine Corners Medication Knowledge
ChainWelcome to the Neighborhood
Not Our Kind of People
Social Climbing for Beginners
Scheduled Deliveries
Scheduled Deliveries
No Training Necessary
Can You Say Malpractice?
Unfortunate Side Effects
Someone to Blame
Not so Subtle Hint
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSunshine Corners


1. Kill Kade Seavers

2. Return for your reward


The Doctor in Sunshine Corners wants you to kill Kade Seavers in the eastern Devil's Own Camp.


This is just great. You made it back. Even from a brief inspection, I can tell that the medicine in the vial is horribly contaminated; the color is all wrong. Since the thugs in that camp gave you no trouble at all, I have another task for you. I've discovered that the man in charge of the camps around here goes by the name of Kade Seavers. He is rumored to be a vicious mutant with abilities that even clones like you fear. But I'm sure you'll have no problems with him. He should be in one of the Devil's Own camps to the east.
MissionVTell me more.


You killed Kade? What the hell? I mean great job.

The following conversation then takes place:

The Doctor: Well. Good job. Shouldn't you be on your way now?

Player: Shouldn't you be a little more grateful? I mean, that Kade guy was tougher than you said he'd be.

The Doctor: Oh really. How shocking.

Player: Hey... was this a setup?

The Doctor: I don't have to answer any of your questions.

Player: Why did you send me out there? This wasn't about killing those guys was it?

The Doctor: Look, you've made it this far with the help of that collar. The worst most people can do to you is rough you up and hope you learn your lesson. Well, there are people out there who can do a lot worse than that. So maybe you should quit asking questions before those people figure out who you are.

Player: I guess I'm done with you then.

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