Novel Changes (3)
StartMarianne Fincher
EndUpon killing Cray Hollins
Rewards100 Experience
ChainNovel Changes
Novel Changes (2)
Novel Changes (3)
Novel Changes (4)
Go See the Boss
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSouth Burb
Requirement(s)Level 2


Talk to Cray Hollins


Marianne Fincher wants you to go talk to Cray Hollins and convince him to go see her. If you can't, kill him.


Marianne Fincher:

I made a mistake. I was a bit curious about human mutation, and I tried injecting a well-paid subject with a mutagen. His name's Cray Hollins, and he's developed some significant side effects. He's run off and won't even talk to me. I need you to try to bring him back here so I can see the effects firsthand. However, if he won't come, kill him. He could end up killing the whole town if we don't bring him down now.


Cray Hollins: What do you want? Can't you see that I'm dying over here?

Player: What's wrong?

Cray Hollins: Marianne Fincher. She's CRAZY. She paid me to test out "some new medicine." It turns out that it was some sort of stuff that turns people mutant. Look at me! My skin is on fire, my eyes itch, and I think I've been makin' people sick.

Player: Come with me. She can fix you.

Cray Hollins:

You work for HER and she sent you to kill me!


Cray Hollins is dead. You better go tell Marianne Fincher what happened.

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