Group Mission IconObjective: Recon Sector 17
StartJeff Rhodes
EndRyan Keel
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards500 Experience
ChainObjective: Recon Sector 17
Lucky to Be Alive
Ferocious, Carnivorous
Birth of Fear
Day of Revenge
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaHive of the Changed
Requirement(s)Level 40


Objective: Recon Sector 17
Mission-Speak to the Missing Soldier

Jeff Rhodes outside of the Hive of the Changed asked you to look for his missing soldiers.
500 Experience



I wouldn't go down there if I were you.
Mission-Why, what's going on?
MissionXOk, bye!

We had some problems with scavengers raiding merchant caravans. We'd been tracking them for a while before we ended up outside Warhall. Waza, one of their "Tainted Ones," told us about this place. We figure that the scavengers have holed up in the caves.
Mission-Why haven't you just gone down there and blown them away?

Wow, we never thought of that. Great suggestion, but let me ask you something: do you think I came on this mission with only two other soldiers for backup? There were more of us. They went in there a while ago, haven't heard anything from them since.
Mission-Aren't you concerned?
MissionXOh sorry, I'm going to go now.

Yeah, but if those scavengers took seven of my men, what the hell are the three of us going to do? I radioed for backup. Now I'm just waiting for orders.
Mission-If your men are down there, in trouble, someone has to do something.
MissionXGood point, I'm out of here.

Look, kid, my men are probably dead, but if you think you can do something to help them then go for it.
MissionVOk, I'll go look for them
MissionXOh, I didn't mean me. See ya.


Are you ehre to help me?
Mission-Yeah, I'm here to help.
MissionXI'll come back for you.


Objective: Recon Sector 17
Didn't think I would see...people again...
500 Experience


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