Odenville Chamber of Commerce
StartSylvia Anderson
EndSylvia Anderson
Rewards500 Experience
30 Chips
1x Black and Red Lined Jacket
ChainOdenville Chamber of Commerce
Bushwhack the Ambuscade
CHOTA Liasons
Eye of the CHOTA
Dusty Boots
The Muster
Red Sky in Mourning
Coming to a Head
Business or Pleasure?
Salvager Summit
Salvager Summit (2)
Digging Odenville
Time LimitUnlimited
Requirement(s)Level 5


Odenville Chamber of Commerce
Mission-Prepare to defend the Trader housing block
Mission-Stop the Salvagers (two eaves of two Salvager Scroungers each)
Mission-Return for your reward

Sylvia Anderson of the Odenville Merchant Council wants you to protect the Trader housing from the Salvagers.



Hey there! I've got a job for someone like you, if you're interested. My name's Sylvia. I'm on the Merchants' Council. We need to recruit able bodies to help with our Salvager problem.
Mission-What problem?
MissionXGood luck with that.

Where do I start? Until recently, Odenville was a reputable trading hub, but between the Diggers and the raiders, things are starting to slip. The Council wants to protect our collective profits, and we have an obligation to the town.
Mission-So what do you need me for?

I'm in charge of dealing with the so-called "Salvagers." They're little more than bloodthirsty bandits. Human life means nothing to them, they would kill their own mothers if they stood between them and their salvage. We've been paying protection money to the local CHOTA, but they're spread too thin between here and Clinton FARM. I need people like you to send a message to the Salvagers that they aren't gonna muscle into Odenville. You can start by protecting the Trader housing. Should be a cake walk for you, right?
Mission-I'm in.
MissionXLet me get back to you.


You did even better than I expected!
MissionXNo problem.


Odenville Chamber of Commerce
Let me get you payment for your work.


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