Group Mission IconOf Hope and Buried Chemicals
StartGeorge R. Omeros
EndUpon finding the four chemicals
TypeGroup Mission
Mission ItemsAmmonium Nitrate
Lysergic Acid
Propyl Alcohol
Rewards500 Experience
ChainDawn of the Rotten
Once Bitten
Once Bitten (2)
Day of the Infected
Day of the Infected (2)
Of Hope and Buried Chemicals
Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Apocalypse (2)
28 Minutes Later
28 Minutes Later (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest


Of Hope and Buried Chemicals
Mission-Collect Ammonium Nitrate
Mission-Collect Lysergic Acid
Mission-Collect Polyhydroxybutyrate
Mission-Collect Propyl Alcohol

Enter the town of Buxton and locate the four chemicals needed to kill the infected clones.
500 Experience



It says here the doc thought he had contained the infection by locating the original clone carrier. He speculated how the first clone came into contact with the disease but had no solid evidence. The infection wasn't widespread, and all the original corpses were destroyed. How the hell did this thing break out again then? His research stops just after he said he thought the infection was containted. Maybe a second disease carrier arrived?
Mission-Does it say how he stopped the original infection?
MissionXI will let you do the rest.

He found a mixture of chemicals that disrupts the disease, causing the reanimated corpse to rest in peace. All the items were found in various locations around town. What is left of my team here needs to hold this position, we are low on ammo and certainly dead if we assault the town. But if you load up on Schindler's anti-toxin, you might stand a chance at collecting those chemicals.
Mission-I could do that.
MissionXNo way I'm heading back in there.

The mixture creates a gas when boiled. What you need to do is collect the chemicals and mix them over a heat source. This page in Dr. Logan's journal will point you to each ingredient. Damn brave of you to attempt this. Be sure you take lots of serum with you. If you need help - and you might - make sure they have some serum too.
Mission-I'm ready.
MissionXHold on.


Of Hope and Buried Chemicals
You have found the last of the chemicals. Head to the center of town and locate a heat source.
500 Experience


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