Offense is the Best Defense
StartAllisa Bryant
EndUpon reaching the waypoint.
Rewards500 Experience
ChainOffense is the Best Defense
Recon Run
Finishing the Job
Spreading the Word
Time LimitUnlimited


Find the head Judge


Allisa Bryant in the Pinkston holdout camp wants you to find the man in charge of the Mowbray Basin Judges.


Allisa Bryant: Rachel's deluded if she thinks we're going to get out of here while the Judges are still around. We're spending all of our manpower and resources just keeping those assholes out of here. The second we try to run for it they're going to have the upper hand and we're all dead.

You're here to help, right? Well here's what we need you to do. Sneak around Pinkston and see if you can get a good idea of who's in charge of the whole operation.

We've been dealing with the little fish; it's time to go after the man in charge.


You notice a man watching over the Judges in the warehouse. You hear the other Judges refer to him as "Harbinger Pho."

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