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Group Mission Icon.pngOnce Bitten
EndUpon collecting the rot excretion
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards500 Experience
ChainDawn of the Rotten
Once Bitten
Once Bitten (2)
Day of the Infected
Day of the Infected (2)
Of Hope and Buried Chemicals
Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Apocalypse (2)
28 Minutes Later
28 Minutes Later (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest


Once Bitten
Mission-.pngCollect rot excretion

Collect some of the rot from a first-stage infected clone for Schindler in the observation camp near Buxton.
500 Experience



Omeros sent you? That mean he's keeping you around, isn't he? Let me get one thing straight with you, clone. You start dying a lot out there, then you better pack your shit up and leave. You hear me? We're trying to make a dent in the population of these things, and if you start mass manufacturing a whole bunch of corpses, it's not gonna help. You hear me?
Mission-.pngCalm down. I hear you.
MissionX.pngscrew you. I'm out of here.

Good. With that said, I've got most of the shit I need to whip up a batch of disease resistance shots for you. Unfortunately, we haven't killed any fresh infected in a few days, so my supply of rot has run out.
MissionX.pngI've heard enough. Goodbye.

That's what we call the gunk that comes out of those infected when they first die. The disease turns the corpse's intestines to mush that leaks out of them. You can smell it from a mile away.
Mission-.pngAnd you want me to collect that? Isn't it infectious?
MissionX.pngNo way I'm doing this. Goodbye.

The rot doesn't seem to be infectious - at least not from simple skin contact. Who the hell knows what that shit is doing to the environment, though. Anyway, the rot contains a large amount of antibodies, presumably from the clone's immune system fighting the infection before death. That's what I make the disease anti-toxin serum from.
Mission-.pngI'll get you some more rot.
MissionX.pngNo way I'm doing this.


Once Bitten
The corpses lie in large puddles of greenish fluid which is seeping from their mouths, ears, and eye sockets. The thin sludge is slowly trickling in small streams down the hillside. You collect a portion of it in a tube. Return it to Schindler at the observation post.
500 Experience