One for the Books
StartAndrei Kostin
EndMission auto-completes with no completion notice.
ChainBook It
Hit the Books
Hit the Books (2)
Read Them Like a Book
Read Them Like a Book (2)
In Their Bad Books
In Their Bad Books (2)
One for the Books
One for the Books (2)
Renegade State
Renegade State (2)
The State of Affairs
The State of Affairs (2)
State's Evidence
State's Evidence (2)
Evidentiary Burden
Evidentiary Burden (2)
Double Duty
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaTrader's Flat


One for the Books
Andrei Kostin points out the two books on the table nearby.



I'm sure you didn't have time to read the booklet you found, but it's really quite fascinating. I also was able to translate the book on the Whitewash program while you were gone. Would you like to read the books, or should I summarize them?
Mission-I'd like to read them.
Mission-Just summarize them.

Very well. I'll keep both of the books archived here in Repository in case you ever want to read them for yourself. The official history of the Battalion is based on the idea that when the last tsar of Russia and his family were attacked by revolutionaries, the heir to the throne, Tsarevich Alexei, actually survived. The Battalion claims that they are the remnants of the White Army, the Russian army loyal to the tsar.

Pretty odd, huh? Now, the book about the Whitewash program has the actual history of the Battalion, and it's a completely different story. A more believable story.
Mission-How so?

Here's the short version. A Russian history professor went nuts and killed his family. He got sent to an asylum, and the doctor there was working for GlobalTech trying to create supersoldiers using psychological programming. I told you the Battalion is like a cult! They're brainwashed! Anyway, the guy, Michael Pavlovich, had a psychotic break and began believing that his doctor was a descendant of the last tsar of Russia. He was very convincing - so much so that his delusion has become a way of life for the White Crow.
Mission-So their official history is just a delusion?

Yes. And somehow Aro Sei has convinced them that she's a descendant of the tsar. I think you should take all this information back to Miller in Trader's Flat. He'll have a plan. I'm out of ideas.
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