Out of the Bag
StartHolbert Johnston
EndUpon finding the note.
Rewards500 Experience
142 Chips
ChainOut of the Bag
Out of the Bag (2)
Out of the Bag (3)
Time LimitUnlimited


Track down Jimmy Tuzo


Holbert Johnston in Watchtower wants you to look for signs left behind by his former neighbor, Jimmy Tuzo, and his car Mr. Fluff.


Holbert Johnston:

You've gotta help me! I had this neighbor, Jimmy Tuzo, and, and I had this cat, too, sweetest animal, never hurt a fly, and Jimmy was always jealous of my cat, and he TOOK him! Jimmy took Mr. Fluff and ran off with him! I think I might know where he went, but it's too far for me to go -- I've got responsibilities here, y'know? But YOU could go. Would you do that for me? Please?


A hastily written note reads, "It's not safe for Mr. Fluff here. I'm taking him to my ex-wife's old place." Directions are written below, along with Tuzo's ex-wife's name: Stacey Holmes.

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