Overcome But Half His Foe
StartSergeant Waits
EndSergeant Waits
Rewards50 Experience
20 Chips
4x Biscuits
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaMurder Hole


1. Obtain 13 Scrap Steel

2. Return for your reward


Sergeant Waits wants you to bring samples of scrap steel to him in the Enforcer camp near Murder Hole. The steel may be scavenged from over the nearby ridge.


Sergeant Waits:

The Enforcers in this caravan were bringing a shipment of steel for the Enforcers. Naturally, we want what we paid for. Our scouts report that the raiders are long gone, but you might run into some resistance from other hostiles while trying to recover our goods. Keep your ammo dry and stay frosty, soldier.


Excellent. We can put this to use making guns, armor, and bullets.

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