Group Mission IconOwn the Lightbearers
StartOakland Hughs
EndOakland Hughs
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards100 Experience
25 Chips
+375 Traveler Faction
140x Medium Pistol Ammunition
100x Heavy Pistol Ammunition
Traveler Harvesting Knowledge
ChainLightbearers are the Devil!
Own the Lightbearers
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaThe Gallows
Requirement(s)Level 15
Those Lightbearer hypocrites are clearing the Devil's Own in the trenches. We do it first, and we get the goods.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.

Own the Lightbearers
Mission-0/8 Devil's Own Commando

Oakland Hughs at the Traveler Camp at The Gallows wants you to kill Devil's Own Trenchmen to gain an advantage against the Lightbearers. (Completing this mission will add control points to the Travelers in The Gallows. The faction with the highest control points at the end of the control period takes control of The Gallows.)
100 Experience
25 Chips
+375 Traveler Reputation
Traveler Harvesting Knowledge
You choose one of the following:
180x Light Pistol Ammunition
140x Medium Pistol Ammunition
100x Heavy Pistol Ammunition



Gotta keep those Devil's Own rats out of their tunnels, and not let those Lightbearer weasels move in. Kudos, clone.

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