Pale Blood
StartDr. Abraham Van Corian
EndUpon using Van Corian's Syringe on a living Pale One
Mission ItemsVan Corian's Syringe
Rewards500 Experience
ChainBlood on the Hoof
Blood on the Hoof (2)
Pale Blood
Pale Blood (2)
Father Gray
All the Damn Vampires
All the Damn Vampires (2)
All the Damn Vampires (3)
Sweet and Sour Raiders
Sweet and Sour Self
Masonic Secrets
Masonic Secrets (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSunset Hill


Pale Blood
Mission-Collect Pale One blood

Collect a sample of blood from a Pale One for Dr. Abraham Van Corian near Sunset Hill. Pale Ones stalk the Sunset Hill Cemetery only at night.
500 Experience



My assistant Tom is quite injured, but alive, thanks to you. Speaking with him, I stumbled upon a most amazing phenomenon...something so incredible, I mistrust my own judgement. And yet with your help, I may be able to prove that the superstition of yesterday has become the scientific reality of today.

The monstrously large leaders of the cult are called Pale Ones. If you truly do not fear them, then I have something you can do that may protect the town from them. I need a sample of blood from a Pale One. I'd like to study it and see how it differs from human blood. You will need to collect it quickly, while the creature is alive. I don't expect it will give it to you willingly, so be prepared to fight.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Pale Blood
You collect a small sample of blood.
500 Experience


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