Pandora's Box
StartRanger Izzy Travis
EndUpon killing Ted Movavo
Rewards500 Experience
ChainPandora's Box
Pandora's Box (2)
Pandora's Box (3)
Pandora's Box (4)
Pandora's Box (5)
Pandora's Box (6)
Time LimitUnlimited


Get the formula


Get the formula for the chemical mixture from Ted Movavo in the Tech camp. He will probably not give it up without a fight.


Ranger Izzy Travis: The chemical seems to be some kind of nerve gas. I'm sure the Techs are planning on using it on the mutants in New Toro. Don't they realize that you can't control the effects of these chemicals? We found that out over a hundred years ago when troops who supposedly had counter-agents like atropine and 2-Pam chloride exhibited neurological damage after exposure. If this were used, it could contaminate the area for years, even seep into the groundwater and poison areas across the entire region.

Bah! I'll save my speeches for another time. If we had the formula, we might be able to determine the best way to destroy it. See if you can get the formula from the Techs.


Ted Movavo: I'm very busy; what do you want?

Player: I need the formula for this chemical.

Ted Movavo: Like I'd simply hand that to just anybody? You sure have some nerve!

Player: If you use this chemical in the New Toro plant, it could poison the environment in this area for many years to come. This land will be uninhabitable.

Ted Movavo: Typical Vista rhetoric! My calculations show a 67.2% success rate if we use the correct quantities in the precise locations specified. I'm working closely with an Enforcer who assured me - and these are his exact words - the he "won't jsut chuck the canisters around." What could go wrong?


I see I'm going to have to rip that formula from your cold dead hands.


You pry the Tech's notebook from his pocket. The formula and canister drop points inside New Toro are all well-detailed. Return to Ranger Travis with this information.

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