Pandora's Box (6)
StartRanger Izzy Travis
EndRanger Izzy Travis
Mission ItemsChemical Counter-agent
Rewards1 AP
500 Experience
250 Chips
1x Game Knife
ChainPandora's Box
Pandora's Box (2)
Pandora's Box (3)
Pandora's Box (4)
Pandora's Box (5)
Pandora's Box (6)
Time LimitUnlimited


1. Render first crate inert
2. Render second crate inert
3. Render third crate inert
4. Render last crate inert

5. Return for your reward


Locate the four storage locations of the chemical toxin and use the counter-agent on them. Then return to Ranger Travis in Trumbull.


Ranger Izzy Travis:

I've got to hand it to that Tech. These notes are comprehensive, even detailing where they store the toxins. Unless we discover otherwise, we'll work under the assumption that the notes are correct and being followed by the Enforcers. You'll need to visit each of the toxin storage locations, open the canisters, and pour in the counter-agent. It looks like two of the locations are inside the main base camp itself, which is likely to be heavily guarded by Enforcer troops. It'll be dangerous, but the health of the planet is at stake here.


All four containers of the toxin have been neutralized? Excellent. You've done a great thing here today and should be commended for your actions.

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