Group Mission IconPathogenic Prognosis
StartSpecialist Hopper
EndSpecialist Hopper
TypeRepeatable Mission
Group Mission
Mission ItemsAnti-Fungal Treatment Paste
Rewards850 Chips
1x Wastelander Supply Parcel
ChainPathogenic Prognosis
Diagnostic Reward
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaFungal Blight Mine


Pathogenic Prognosis
Mission-3/3 Use the Anti-Fungal Treatment Paste on Fungal Source.
Mission-Return to Specialist Hopper

Use the Anti-Fungal Powder on three sources of pathogenic blight in an infected cave system south of Trader's Flat. Return to Specialist Hopper when you have finished.
850 Chips
Items you will receive:
1x Wastelander Supply Parcel



We're witnessing a disturbing outbreak of extremely toxic pathogens in an abandoned settlement to the south of town. Several diseased dogs and other out-of-control infected critters have been caught recently in the area.

Our studies here will be very dangerous unless we take steps toward either containment or cure very soon. We're willing to provide rewards for any persons who are able to assist in these efforts.
Mission-What type of outbreak?
MissionXThis is just not my thing. Sorry.

We're not certain exactly, as the pathogen refuses to grow in any sort of medium aside from a living host. Infected flesh deteriorates so rapidly that study of it is difficult.

Our top men are working on it as we speak, but it has been determined that a more forceful early solution may be appropriate. Very good rewards are being offered.
Mission-What sort of rewards?

We have located some high-end weaponry that may interest you. Specialist Aarons here will complete the cleaning and assembly by the time you make it back. Of course, there is a nice hefty reward of chips in it as well.
Mission-What do you need me to do?

At the site of the outbreak you will be required to locate and destroy the sources of the blight. This can of anti-fungal powder sprinkled liberally on top of the source should do the trick. We believe there to be three sources of blight, according to the minor mutations found in the outbreak samples.

It's a simple job really; just be prepared to combat whatever diseased inhabitants happen to be down there.
Mission-Get those guns ready and warm up those chips. I'll be back soon.
MissionXThis is just not my thing.Sorry.


Pathogenic Prognosis
You didn't catch anything down there, did you? If you begin to feel any ill effects, please take care to die in an isolated location where you are unlikely to spread the disease further. Specialist Davenport has a reward for you.
850 Chips
Items you will receive:
1x Wastelander Supply Parcel



You will need to travel to the Fungal Blight Mine, southeast of Trader's Flat, to complete this mission. This is a good opportunity to complete the UrbExer: Fungal Blight Mine achievement as well while you are there (the chest is at the back of the middle cavern).

Quest Help

Simply clear the first room, and head down till you find the first fungus, then use the paste and reset instance. Repeat till the quest is done, occasionally there will be an instance bug, just relog.
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