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Patron of the Arts
StartTerence Bonaventure
EndNo-Toes Cranston
Rewards50 Experience
ChainPatron of the Arts
Patron of the Arts (2)
Patron of the Arts (3)
Breaking a Leg
Breaking a Leg (2)
Breaking a Leg (3)
Breaking a Few More
Breaking a Few More (2)
Breaking a Few More (3)
The Show Must Go On
The Show Must Go On (2)
The Show Must Go On (3)
The Curtain Falls
The Curtain Falls (2)
- Talk to Enzo (Black Hoods)
- Watch Slammer Dispense Justice (Black Hoods)
The Curtain Falls (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaDepot 66
Requirement(s)Level 2


Patron of the Arts
Mission-.pngTalk to No-Toes Cranston

Terence Bonaventure in Depot 66 wants you to talk to No-Toes Cranston about "Act Surprised" performing Macbeth.



Hello! Would you be an afficionado of the arts? Or perhaps just looking for a bit of quality entertainment? The Act Surprised Players will be performing the exciting and unforgettable works of the Bard right here today. Actually we'll perform whenever you like if we can get enough of an audience together. Would you like to buy a ticket?
Mission-.pngThat sounds entertaining. What play are you putting on?

Well, there's the rub, really. Traveler patronage helps keep us alive, but right now it seems we've got one more patron than we need. No-Toes from the Black Hoods wants us to put on Macbeth if we can get the flamethrowers, and Suki Oonishi is pushing for Julius Caesar -- I guess she likes the retro-urban stuff. I don't want to get between those two, so you pick a play. That way whoever gets made I can tell them it's your fault.
Mission-.pngI'd like to see Macbeth and get in good with the Black Hood.

Go talk to No-Toes, then. I'm pretty sure he'll be willing to help. Don't tell them we've picked a play. Just see what he comes up with. He'll probably pay you to convince me.
MissionV.pngI'll do that.


Patron of the Arts
So Valentino over there's ready to deal, is he?