Peace Through Violence
StartJamal Riedeth
EndJamal Riedeth
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards2000 Experience
600 Chips
+2000 Lightbearers Faction
1x Civilian Vest
Lightbearer Harvesting Knowledge
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaThe Gallows


1. Sabotage the CHOTAs
2. Sabotage the Travelers
3. Sabotage the Techs
4. Sabotage the Human League

5. Return for your reward


Jamal Riedeth wants you to sabotage a crate of gear in the Travelers' and their allies' observation towers. Start with the CHOTA's tower, and then damage the Travelers' and the Techs' towers as well. End with the observation tower in the central Human League camp.


Those who fought for peace and protected the innocent died at the hands of the selfish.

The Travelers, the CHOTA, and the Techs will gladly kill others if it benefits their causes, just like the Human League if they are given half a chance.

We need to remove any advantages they might have by destroying their ability to watch us from their towers.
MissionVTell me more.


Peace Through Violence

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