Piece of the Piemaker
StartMag Thurber
EndUpon finding the body of Flaky Bill
Rewards500 Experience
ChainPiece of the Piemaker
Piece of the Piemaker (2)
Piece of the Piemaker (3)
Piece of the Piemaker (4)
Just Like Mom Makes
Just Like Mom Makes (2)
Just Like Mom Makes (3)
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Like Mother, Like Daughter (2)
Humble Pie
Humble Pie (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
Requirement(s)Level 2


Find Flaky Bill


Piece of the Piemaker
Mag Thurber in Mumford wants you to find Flaky Bill and bring him back to town safely.



Hey. You there lookin' for work, or you want something to eat? If you're just idlin' around you can move along. I got no time for loiterers.
Mission-I'm looking for work.

I got something you can do. Might be you're just the person. I need somebody tough who don't blab everything all over. I suppose you heard of old Bill, the piemaker? They call him Flaky Bill, and that ain't for the crust. He makes a pie straight from heaven - you never tasted such a pie - but Bill's a little off, you could say. He's wandered off, gone missing.

Why don't you see if you can't track him down and bring him back safe? I'd appreciate it if you could keep your mouth shut. We got enough gossip around here and I don't want poor old Bill to feel ashamed.
Mission-I can do that.


Piece of the Piemaker
The corpse on the ground is covered with a light dusting of flour. This must be Flaky Bill.


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