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Pieces of A False Life
StartUpon completing Encrypted Communique
EndUpon killing Sun and Moon Agent
Rewards500 Experience
+750 Lightbearer Faction
ChainSneaky Bastards
The Vista and Technology
Encrypted Communique
Pieces of A False Life
Back to a Lion’s Den
Incoming Mental Cases
Something Ain’t Right Here
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorAlpha County
AreaEastern All-Mind Camp
Requirement(s)Level 50
Pieces of A False Life
Mission-.pngFind the location
Mission-.pngFree the Agent from the All-Mind

Search for the All-Mind base outside of Mercy. The fact that the Lightbearer agent looking into the issue has gone missing gives a good indication that the base is close by. If you find the missing agent, release her from the All-Mind's control in the only way you know how.
500 Experience
+750 Lightbearer Reputation

You need help or assistance? The Lightbearers are always here to help. We welcome all comers into out fold... We can sense the enemy in you. From your unguarded surface thoughts, you are working for the Lightbearers. Your presence causes discordance to Us. Time to die.
MissionV.pngI'm ready for whateMissionV.pnger you might bring, All-Mind puppet.
MissionX.pngWhoa, wait a minute. I'm not ready yet.


<OVER THE RADIO> Trent Jackman: It's unforunate, but there was nothing that could be done for her. There may be hope for us yet -- looks as though you're tougher than your predecessor.