Promise of the Future
StartDarius Chu
EndDarius Chu
FactionFranklin's Riders
Mission ItemsFried Computer Network Part
Rewards600 Experience
525 Chips
+750 Franklin's Riders Faction
1x Network Components
ChainPromise of the Future
Promise of the Future (2)
Promise of the Future (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
Requirement(s)Level 30


1. Acquire 6 Fried Computer Network Parts

2. Return for your reward


Promise of the Future
Darius Chu, postmaster of Dieseltown, wants you to collect parts he needs for a prototype network router from the Scattered that camp south of Dieseltown.



Okay... Westerly had a good start with his digging into LifeNet technology, but I think I know someone who can whip something together that would really get this project a jump start. I had an unclaimed shipment of old, fried network routers headed for Chemtown that I sold to a junk dealer. I hear that junk dealer was killed on his way out of town by those damn CoGs that've settled in a camp to the south. In my younger days, I would've run into their camp guns blazing, but I realize now that I have but one life to give to the Riders. You have more than that. You think you could pry those old boards from their cold, dead hands?
MissionVTell me more.


Promise of the Future
It looks like you got quite a few of them... this should be enough for my purposes. I boxed them up for you... I've got another task for you.


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