Prove Yourself Strong
EndUpon achieving the goal
Mission ItemsIron Rebar
Rewards50 Experience
ChainProve Yourself Strong
Prove Yourself Strong (2)
Prove Yourself Worthy
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaTrader's Flat
Requirement(s)Level 40
Prove Yourself Strong
Mission-Grab the rebar

Mandla in Trader's Flat has challenged you to a test of Strength. Pick up the rebar and bend it into a circle.


You want to prove yourself worthy to the Children of Trader's Flat, you need to pass two tests. Your first trial is east; just prove yourself worthy in one of three tests.
Mission-I will pass the test of Strength easily.

All you have to do is grab that length of rebar over there and then bend into a circle. Not just an easy L-shape or some kind of U, but a full complete circle.
Mission-Sounds easy.

Prove Yourself Strong
You pick up the iron rebar. It is thicker and stronger than most people could bend.

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