Questionable Experimentation
StartNicky Jules
EndNicky Jules
Rewards600 Experience
250 Chips
ChainWhat Could It Hurt
Double's Trouble
Barring Any Trouble
Taking Care of Business
Playing Detective
Questionable Experimentation
Outside the Norm
Rest in Pieces
One Then the Same
Origin of the Problem
Outside Watching In
Outside Watching In (2)
Translation Lost
Breaking Brekshire
Who's Lilly?
Researching Researchers
Pod Problems
Pod Protector
So, About That Pod
Hidden Agenda
Last Place You Look
Tracking Outside
Outside Reports
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaKaibab Forest


Questionable Experimentation
Mission-Find a specimen
Mission-Return with the Deteriorating Rotter
Mission-Return for your reward

Find a specimen and lead it back to Nicky Jules.
600 Experience
250 Chips



It's always good to see a familiar face around these parts, especially with all the faction nonsense going on. Have you missed our little meetings as much as I have?
Mission-Oh boy...

Whatever is the matter? You're looking a little pale, its not a good look for you.
Mission-I don't know what's going on here, but I've never met you before.
MissionXNothing. I'v got to go.

Aw, how could you say that after all the time we spent together untangling the mysteries of the universe.
Mission-That better not be what it sounds like...
MissionXOk, this got weird.

You really don't remember? How tragic. We really were uncovering mysteries. You had a fascination with LifeNet and kept talking about where you cam from...sound familiar?
Mission-Where I came from? The dam? The donor DNA? I know all that stuff.
MissionXI have to go...right now.

Now this is getting odd. No, I really think you meant before know...where you came from. Honestly, I really have no idea, but if I had to hazard a guess, and truly I hate to do that, but I would think you were talking about LifeNet.
Mission-LifeNet? What the hell?
MissionXDosenť sound like me.

Now enough about you, did you find that specimen you promised me?
Mission-uhh...Remind me about that again?

You were going to bring back something for me to experiment on, nothing human, but you know something close to it?
MissionVRight! I'll go do that, but after that I want more answers.
MissionXYeah, I'm not going to do that.


Did you get my specimen?
MissionVYeah, I got it.
MissionXJust a sec...


Questionable Experimentation
Nicely done, this one should hold up well to most of the tests. Listen, dear, I know you're going through a rough time. If it helps there might be an old LifeNet Technician who can help you...he's pretty hard to find though, I can't quite remember where he used to live..
600 Experience
250 Chips


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