Read Them Like a Book (2)
StartAndrei Kostin
EndKapral Kostin
Rewards500 Experience
ChainBook It
Hit the Books
Hit the Books (2)
Read Them Like a Book
Read Them Like a Book (2)
In Their Bad Books
In Their Bad Books (2)
One for the Books
One for the Books (2)
Renegade State
Renegade State (2)
The State of Affairs
The State of Affairs (2)
State's Evidence
State's Evidence (2)
Evidentiary Burden
Evidentiary Burden (2)
Double Duty
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaTrader's Flat


Read Them Like a Book (2)
Mission-Talk to Kapral Kostin

Andrei Kostin in Repository wants you to meet with his brother, Kapral Kostin, a White Crow officer.
500 Experience



Do you know much about cults? History is a hobby of mine, and during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, there were a lot of cults in America. They had some seriously crazy beliefs - from channeling ethereal beings to worshiping aliens. See, when you get into a cult, they don't tell you the crazy stuff up front. You learn it little by little, and everyone around you tells you its true, and by the time you learn the really whacked out stuff, it doesn't seem so wacky anymore. The Battalion works a lot like a cult.
Mission-Okay. How does that help me?
MissionXI don't have time for this right now.

Because sometimes in a cult, someone who's in very deep will start to see the cracks in the facade, and when that happens, it's possible to get them out. I should know. I was one of them.
Mission-You were with the White Crow?
MissionXI need a second.

Yes. Not very long, and never high in the ranks. I didn't even know about Whitewash. Since I left the Battalion, I've been trying to learn more about them to help my brother. He's still a member. Over the years, he's risen to the rank of Kapral, that's like a Corporal. He ordered the theft of that book. I think he's starting to see the Crow for the lunatics they are.
Mission-What's your plan?
MissionXJust a moment.

I'm going to set up a meeting with him. I can't promise you that he won't attack you, but I think there's a possibility that he'll speak with you. What I'm asking is dangerous. His mind is very fragile right now. He could snap at any moment. I'll translate the book while you're gone.
MissionVI'll do it.
MissionXNot right now.


Zdravstujtye. I'm Kapral Stanislov Kostin. You have garnered a rare moment of my time. I do this only for the love I once felt for my lost brother and comrade. What do you want?
Mission-Tell me about Aro Sei.
Mission-Tell me about Whitewash.

You wish to know about the Tsarevna? It's no longer any secret that we are her personal guard and put her needs above any others.
Mission-But why?

To understand that, you would need to understand our history. This is not something we share with just anyone, you understand. The glorious ranks of the White Crow Battalion must be protected from prying eyes.
Mission-Why? If it's so wonderful, why not tell everyone?

Because... because it must be protected. Those who are not of the Battalion don't understand. It takes years of dedication and constant study to fully appreciate our history and our role in the world today.
Mission-Your role is creating chaos? Murder. Theft. Deception.

No! No, you don't... understand. It's... it's not... that simple. My brother never understood that. My brother... he is a traitor to our cause. He's sent you here to spy on us, hasn't he?
Mission-No. He's just worried about you.

Mission-Tell me about Aro Sei.
Mission-Tell me about Whitewash.

No. No! You're trying to trick me! Pomogite! Pomogite!


Read Them Like a Book (2)
Kapral Kostin yells for help and attracts guards. Defend yourself from the White Crow.
500 Experience


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