Reinforcing the Bond
StartPhil Dresden
EndZee Taylor
FactionFranklin's Riders
Rewards500 Experience
65 Chips
+50 Franklin's Riders Faction
ChainAn Insecure Route
An Insecure Route (2)
My Word is My Bond
My Word is My Bond (2)
My Word is My Bond (3)
Reinforcing the Bond
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaEmbry Crossroads


Talk to Zee Taylor


Phil Dresden in Embry Crossroads has sent you to help train the Franklin's Riders security recruits with Zee Taylor in Old Kingman.


Phil Dresden: I heard back from Zee Taylor. He said that we should send those recruits up to Old Kingman for training. If you want to meet them there, he said he'd like to meet the clone that saved them.

before you go, I wanted to thank you for your help. Hopefully I won't have to deal with these bandits and survivalists for much longer.


So, you're the clone that took out Vix, huh? When I was stationed at Embry, I caught Vix stealing mail. He knocked me with a sucker-punch to the teeth and ran off to join the survivalists. He didn't deserve to breathe.

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