Group Mission IconRemember Those Lost
StartTim Carey
EndTim Carey
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards5000 Experience
600 Chips
+3000 Traveler Faction
1x Civilian Vest
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaThe Gallows
Requirement(s)Level 15
The Human League came in here and killed as many as they could -- lots of good potential customers and some damned good family members. And now, the cowardly Lightbearers and their allies would use the opportunity as we try to regain a foothold here to destroy us and our way of life. Their "help others out and save the world" crap only wins over the weak and the needy. We need to blind those Lightbearer bastards, their so-called friends, and the human league any way we can.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.

Remember Those Lost
Mission-Sabotage the Vista
Mission-Sabotage the Lightbearers
Mission-Sabotage the Enforcers

Tim Carey wants you to sabotage a crate of gear in the Lightbearers' and their allies' ovservation towers. Start with the Vistas' tower, and then damage the Lightbearers' and the Enforcers' towers as well. End with the observation tower in the central Human League Camp. (Tim Carey is only available when the Travelers control The Gallows.)
5000 Experience
600 Chips
+3000 Traveler Reputation
Items you will receive:
1x Civilian Vest



The Lightbearers and their allies will do anything to steal from the hardworking and give to the lazy no-talents. We gotta look after ourselves because no one else will.

Good work in screwing them, the Human League, and others like them who cry into their pillows at night because of how unfair the world is.

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