Renegade State
StartMiller Grantham
EndUpon finding the clue.
Rewards500 Experience
ChainBook It
Hit the Books
Hit the Books (2)
Read Them Like a Book
Read Them Like a Book (2)
In Their Bad Books
In Their Bad Books (2)
One for the Books
One for the Books (2)
Renegade State
Renegade State (2)
The State of Affairs
The State of Affairs (2)
State's Evidence
State's Evidence (2)
Evidentiary Burden
Evidentiary Burden (2)
Double Duty
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaTrader's Flat


Renegade State
Mission-Find a clue

Miller Grantham in Trader's Flat wants you to investigate the nearby renegade Enforcer camp and look for clues linking them to the White Crow.
500 Experience



While you were investigating the White Crow's history, I've been getting some strange reports about the Enforcers. Love 'em or hate 'em. everyone agrees that the Enforcers follow a rigid code of rules and regulations. Lately, though, I hear renegades are leaving the ranks and forming their own militias. They've been attacking towns all over the sector. I talked with a couple of guys I trust, and they say no Enforcer base has reported large numbers of troops defecting.
Mission-You think the White Crow are involved?

Maybe. There's a renegade camp near town. I sent a scout a few days ago, but he was discovered and attacked. God bless him; e made it back to town before he died. He told me that when the guards caught him and called for reinforcement, they used a weird word. Sounded like pomegranate or something. It wasn't English, and I don't think it was Spanish. You ever heard anything like that?
Mission-Yes. Kapral Kostin used the word "pomogite" to call for help.

I bet that was it! If these guys are actually White Crow pretending to be Enforcers, it would explain why the Enforcers don't have any records on them. You feel up to checking it out?


Renegade State
You've found a set of orders from Serzhant Boris Alvarez. The orders reference a main camp at Raven's Roost. Return with the orders to Miller Grantham in Trader's Flat.
500 Experience


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