Researching Researchers
StartCarl Penn
EndUpon interacting with the LifeNet Terminal.
Rewards600 Experience
ChainWhat Could It Hurt
Double's Trouble
Barring Any Trouble
Taking Care of Business
Playing Detective
Questionable Experimentation
Outside the Norm
Rest in Pieces
One Then the Same
Origin of the Problem
Outside Watching In
Outside Watching In (2)
Translation Lost
Breaking Brekshire
Who's Lilly?
Researching Researchers
Pod Problems
Pod Protector
So, About That Pod
Hidden Agenda
Last Place You Look
Tracking Outside
Outside Reports
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaKaibab Forest


Researching Researchers
Mission-Check LifeNet Terminal

Check the local LifeNet Pod for any sign that Lilly had been working there.
600 Experience



Lilly lived here before the Human League took over. She said Brekshire had been one of the residential areas for GlobalTech executives. She was really obsessed with all the stories about what GlobalTech and LifeNet could do. She would have loved to see you clones.
Mission-What do you mean "what they could do?" Besides LifeNet what else is there?
MissionXThanks for the info. I'll come back later.

She was fascinated with the infrastructure of the canyon. GlobalTech built everything to work together - all the towns here were built by them for them. Lilly was trying to record the purpose of them all.
Mission-Purpose of the towns? I thought people just lived there?
MissionXI'll come back in a bit.

Some of them, others were part of some "master plan" Lilly was trying to get to the bottom of it when she went missing. That was almost 6 years ago...
Mission-You never found her body? No sign of her?
MissionXThis is sounding a bit over my head.

Nothing, some people though she has tried to clone herself and it had backfired horribly. I mean she was pretty obsessed with it.
Mission-I could go check it out, I'm already looking into some LifeNet trouble, could be similar.
MissionXToo bad.

That would be awesome!
MissionVI'll get right on that.
MissionXYeah, let me finish up this other thing first.


Researching Researchers
Combing through the computer's database it looks like Lilly had tried to access some of the more complex commands in the LifeNet core. Maybe if you try to replicate what she did...uh oh.
600 Experience


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