Return With the Elixir
StartEthan Pearl
EndEthan Pearl
Mission ItemsScorpion Gland
Rewards500 Experience
381 Chips
ChainReturn With the Elixir
Doctor's Orders
Time LimitUnlimited


1. Acquire 7 Scorpion Glands

2. Return for your reward


Collect seven scorpion glands for Dr. Ethan Pearl in Blaine.


Do you know how much I hate it here? Do you? NO! No one does! That's because it would be impossible to express the depth of my loathing of this town with mere spoken words. I'd have to invent some sort of new language that included flag signals and Xhosa tongue-clicks.

But, since I'm the only hope these people have of not dying in the very near future, I suppose I'll grin and bear it. Speaking of which, I need some scorpion glands. I think seven should do it. You find them by killing a scorpion, cracking open its shell, and digging around inside until you find a little thing about yea big, looks like a gooey yellow marble. Bring me back some of those, so I can whip up another batch of antiseptic ointment. Run along, now, time's wasting.
MissionVTell me more.


Return With the Elixir
Well, well, how about this. The Little Clone that Could. I suppose that'll do.


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