Rider's Escort Division
StartZee Taylor
EndZee Taylor
TypeAP Mission
FactionFranklin's Riders
Rewards1 AP
50 Experience
+500 Franklin's Riders Faction
1x Offensive Coordination, Vol 1
ChainZee Axes
Zee's Zombies
Zee's Zombies (2)
Zee's Zombies (3)
Rider's Escort Division
Up the Trail
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaOld Kingman


1. Find the location
2.a Defend yourself (two waves of Gaunt's Raider Thugs and Gaunt's Raider Goons)
2.b 1 of 2 Rider Escorts safe

3. Return for your reward


Zee Taylor, a Franklin's Rider in Old Kingman, wants you to participate in an ambush and make sure the Rider Escorts don't all get killed by the raiders.


Zee Taylor:

Looks like we're pretty damned close to setting up the R.E.D., or Riders' Escort Division. The first real test -- I want you to work with me on an ambush. We've got some recruits dressed for combat and ready to take on the damned Raiders in their first combat test. Your job will be to make sure that those kids -- I'm sorry, trained security guards -- don't get their heads blown off.


Hell, I knew you could do it. I'd like you to have this. It's a gift. You've been invaluable in getting these folks trained up. I've gotta send word to the Repository that this test group was a success. The program is going to be put in place all over the province now. Thanks so much.

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