Riley's Rifle
StartNorm Riley
EndNorm Riley
Levelwhite at level 22
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Rewards300 Experience
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaUnion Plains


1. Recover gun from corpse

2. Return for your reward


Norm Riley wants you to recover his rifle from the corpse of a crazy hitchhiker on a scenic overlook south of Sunshine Corners.


Norm Riley: Did my wife tell you what was up? Yeah, it's been a really TERRIFIC day. We picked up this guy by the side of the road, just trying to help, you know, and he turned out to be a total psycho. He went to check out that old overlook. Grabbed my rifle and went out there yelling, "Cover me! I'm going in!" like he was storming Hoover Dam or something. Don't know what he expected me to do; he had my gun. That was two hours ago, so I figure those big scorpions got 'im.

I'm not crazy enough to think I could get in there. You think maybe you could find him and get my gun back? It's bad enough being out of gas without being unarmed too.


Thanks, serously. Thanks. I guess the scorpions weren't all that impressed with that commando guy, huh? At least now we can defend ourselves, so long as we don't go storming any scenic overlooks.

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