Road Less Traveled
StartSister Tonja
EndSister Tonja
Rewards500 Experience
240 Chips
+1000 Lightbearer Faction
Time LimitUnlimited


1. Kill 8 Traveler Peddlers

2. Return for your reward


Sister Tonja in Haven wants you to find the Traveler camp south of Haven and kill some.


Travelers. Filthy scum that pollute people's minds and bodies, selling them anything that will make them a few extra chips. I try not to hate them, but they make it difficult. You know, we've seen a flood of refugees coming north out of the Plateau. The Travelers set themselves up a little camp there, selling all sorts of merchandise: boosters, guns, whiskey, you name it. There's even rumors they've got some sort of addictive super-drug.

I need someone to just go out there and tear that place apart. Kill as many as you can see. Is it so wrong to destroy those who peddle such wickedness?
MissionVTell me more.


Good. I hope they didn't suffer too much, because hoping they did would just be wrong. Sometimes you can't help it, though.

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