StartGraham 442
EndUpon reaching the waypoint.
Rewards500 Experience
ChainYou're Dying (Level 5+)
All in the Family
All in the Family (2)
You're Dying (level 7+)
You're Dying
Rottermined (2)
Rottermined (3)
Rottermined (4)
Rottermined (5)
You're Dying (2)
You're Dying (3)
You're Still Dying
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaRest Stop
Requirement(s)Level 7


Mission-Locate the LifeNet machine

The LifeNet terminal in the mines below Rest Stop contains a sample of alpha DNA that could help repair your DNA profile. Fight your way through the rotters and retrieve the sample.
500 Experience



Still looking! I checked Linewood, Needle Eye, all around this valley. The only place to get the part is an operational center, and then I'd have to shut the facility down to get it. The mainframe AI says I can't do that. So here I am, back here again and again, and nothing changes.
Mission-Graham? Is that you? What are you talking about?
MissionXI don't have time for this.

There is a malfunctioning LifeNet cloning terminal deep in that mine. The part I need to repair it is just not available and I haven't found a way to patch the terminal, even on a temporary basis. Even when I examined the machine up close.
Mission-Wait... you mean you've been in there?

Well, not me.. exactly... but a previous me. I hope that still counts as me even if I don't remember it as such. The LifeNet logs clearly show I reached the malfunctioning equipment on three separate occasions and lived long enough to try different repair methods. On one trip, I had time to download and analyze the entire event matrix. The machine isn't functioning within normal parameters because one of the parts needs to be fixed. Until then, it will continue to spit out aggressively flawed worker clones.
Mission-The rotters are coming from a LifeNet machine inside the mine?
Mission-I need to find some DNA that is supposed to be here in town. It's missing from my genetic code, and LifeNet needs it for me to live. Did you see anything like that down there?
MissionXThis sure is interesting, but I need to go.

From what Thresh Slade has described, I believe the miners broke the seal on a faulty facility that was previously contained by GlobalTech's Pharaoh method. The facility must not have been profitable enough to consider fixing. Cheaper to simply bury your mistakes sometimes, I suppose. But that doesn't help me repair the machine, and the rotters won't stop spawning until I do.
Mission-How do we repair the machine then?

I've already isolated the terminal from the central LifeNet hub to minimize the damage to the central systems, but it remains in disrepair despite all my best attempts to fix it. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do. The parts are simply not available.
Mission-I need to find some DNA that is supposed to be here in town. It's missing from my genetic code, and LifeNet needs it for me to live. Did you see anything like that down there?
MissionXThis sure is interesting, but I need to go.

Stored DNA? Well, yes, I suppose the original donor DNA for the workers could be stored in the local system. Unfortunately, you would need to get in there to access the samples. But wait... if I could reconstruct the full DNA sequence of the worker clones, LifeNet might be able to create a behavioral modification to pacify them. Then I would have the safety I need to shut down the facility and stop the rotters from respawning. They would all need to be killed again afterwards, of course, but that hardly seems like as much of a bother as me running all over the valley for a spare part that apparently doesn't exist.
Mission-So if I get you some of the alpha clone DNA, you can stop these rotters?

Well, it's not nearly that simple, of course. I'll need to connect the LifeNet terminal back to the main system, and then LifeNet itself will need to create the modifications to the slave behavior algorithms. And then it gets complicated from there. However, it is certainly a possible solution.
Mission-I need that DNA as well. Where can I get it?

This terminal was intended for industrial grade worker cloning, repair, and maintenance, so the backup DNA will likely be located in the same room as the regen pod itself. You may need to break open some protective covers in order to reach the backup system, though.

You might not want to stay down there too long with your degenerating DNA. There is no telling how that could affect you.
MissionVI'll be back with that DNA.
MissionXThat sounds hard and complicated. I don't like it.


Compensating for the clone's hostility is certainly a viable alternative to repairing the damaged part. I wish you luck in locating the DNA.
MissionXSee you around.


The LifeNet machine in this room is busily spitting out rotter clones, and they all look very hungry. A nearby bio-chem freezer is locked with a key card entry system.

Locate the freezer key somewhere in the room and use it to unlock the freezer. (You will be under heavy attack by the rotter clones while searching.)
500 Experience


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