Rubber Soul (2)
StartJim Conrad
EndRandolph Stone
Rewards50 Experience
50 Chips
1x ATV Tires
1x Tires 1 Knowledge
ChainLow Riders
Low Riders (2)
Steel Work
Steel Bath
Bars of Steel
Steel Guts
Rubber Nose
Rubber Soul
Rubber Soul (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaOld Kingman


Return to Randolph Stone


Return to Randolph Stone in Old Kingman with the worn-out tires.


This is some good stuff. Glad ol' Jim can still pull a miracle out of his ass. The steel belts are ready to go. Line these crusty old tires with them, a few scraps of rubber to patch the holes, mount them onto the rims and... there you go. Not the finest quality tires, but they should get you around. Congratulations.

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